About Us

Welcome to our State Park website, an authentic platform dedicated to showcasing the beauty, history, and biodiversity of our state’s natural treasures. Born from a passion for nature and a dedication to preserving our environment for future generations, this website is a beacon for all nature lovers, hikers, and environmental enthusiasts.

Debarghya Roy: The Visionary Behind the Site

At the helm of our initiative is Debarghya Roy, an ardent lover of nature and the outdoors. Debarghya’s vision is not just to create a platform that shares captivating images and information about our state park but to establish a community where people can come together, share their experiences, and engage in meaningful dialogues about nature conservation.


Debarghya has spent years exploring state parks, understanding their ecology, and collaborating with conservationists and biologists. This has endowed him with a deep understanding of the parks’ significance and the challenges they face. His insights form the backbone of our website, ensuring the content is not just engaging but also accurate and credible.

Engaging the Community

Beyond just imparting knowledge, Debarghya is keen on listening to the experiences and suggestions of our community. He believes that every visitor, whether a seasoned hiker or a family enjoying a weekend picnic, brings a unique perspective that can enrich our platform.

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Our website is steadfast in its commitment to providing trustworthy information. All the content undergoes rigorous checks to ensure accuracy. Moreover, we uphold strict privacy standards. Your trust is paramount, and we’re dedicated to ensuring a secure and informative experience on our platform.

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For further inquiries, suggestions, or if you’d like to share your own experiences at the park, please reach out to us directly at: altair.lambdageeks@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting us. Let’s join hands to appreciate, preserve, and celebrate the natural wonders of our state park.