Colorado Bend State Park: 11 Facts You Should Know!

Gorman Falls and the park’s caves are two of Colorado Bend State Park’s most beautiful natural features. It attracts both outdoor adventurers and those who enjoy nature because it offers an array of recreational recreation and possibilities for animal viewing.

  • Gorman Falls, one of Texas’s most exquisite and distinctive natural beauties, may be seen in Colorado Bend State Park. The waterfall is 60 feet tall and flows over vibrant travertine formations.
  • There are several caves in the park,  like Spicewood Springs Cave. Tourists can visit the caves and discover more about the region’s geology and heritage.
  • Outdoor pursuits available at Colorado Bend State Park include hiking, fishing, campsites, and mountain climbing. The 10-mile Gorman Falls Trail is one of the park’s many beautiful paths.
  • The park offers opportunities for birding and wildlife viewing to visitors.

History and Facts

  • Central Texas’ San Saba and Lampasas counties are home to the more than 5,000-acre Colorado Bend State Park.
  • The park, which bears the name of a significant curve in the Colorado River that passes through it, was created in 1984.
  • The spectacular Gorman Falls, a 65-foot-tall torrent that pours over travertine rocks, are also located at Colorado Bend State Park.


  • Address: 6031 Colorado Park Rd, Bend
  • City: Texas
  • Country: United States
  • Zip code: 76824

Colorado bend state park 

  • The limestone strata that made up Colorado Bend State Park’s geology predominately date to the Cretaceous era, some 100 million years ago.
  • Because of their visual beauty and distinctive geology, the limestone formations in the park, such as the Eagle’s Nest and Gorman Falls, are well-known tourist destinations.
  • The park also has several caverns, notably the stunning “Caverns of Sonora,” which were created by groundwater eroding limestone over millions of years.

Weather Conditions

Florida, USA’s Blue Spring State Park, has a subtropical humidity level. The park has moderate, dry winters and hot, humid summertime with occasional noon thunder.

Rainfall Range: 

Snow Days:

Flora & Fauna

Here are some plants and animals that can be found in Colorado Bend State Park:


  1. Texas Madrone
  2. Ashe Juniper
  3. Live Oak
  4. Pecan
  5. Sycamore
  6. Mesquite
  7. American Beautyberry
  8. Turk’s Cap
  9. Flame Acanthus
  10. Cedar Elm


  1. White-tailed Deer
  2. Armadillo
  3. Gray Fox
  4. Bobcat
  5. Rio Grande Turkey
  6. Eastern Screech-Owl
  7. Black-capped Vireo
  8. Red-eared Slider Turtle
  9. Alligator Gar
  10. Guadalupe Bass


Beautiful Colorado Bend State Park in Texas has a variety of activities for guests to enjoy. Some of the great things to do in Colorado Bend State Park are listed below

  • Hiking: There are more than 35 miles of walking trails at Colorado Bend State Park, including everything from gentle nature treks to strenuous climbs over hills and into canyons. Moreover, park ranger-led treks are available.
Spicewood SpringsEnjoy a trail that passes by beautiful waterfalls and pools that are fed by Spicewood Springs. Take care when visitors wandered back and forth across the rill and climb the canyon to take in the breathtaking views.
Gorman FallsIt is most popular path is a 3-mile roundtrip walk through rocky, uneven terrain that descends steeply close to the falls.
RiverOn this well-lit trail, take advantage of the high-density canopy and shoreline access.
  • Tours of the caves: The park is home to a number of well-known limestone caverns, including Gorman Waterfall Cave. A park ranger is available for guided cave trips.
  • All cave trips call for reservations. For trips, experts advise putting on sturdy footwear.
  • Book tickets from here.
  • Visit Spicewood Springs and go swimming: One of Colorado Bend State Park’s most beautiful hikes in Spicewood Springs Trail. 
  •  It is 3 miles long and has a moderate rating.
  •  One of the greatest swimming spots in Hill Country is Spicewood Springs. You may access the first of many spring-fed swimming holes via a short, level route. There are additional pools and waterfalls up the Spicewood Springs route, so keep going.
  • The river is safe for swimming.
  • There are no park rangers on responsibility at the park, so swimming is done solely at your risk.
  • Fishing: With more than 5 miles of riverbank frontage on the Colorado River, the park offers plenty of fishing options. Fish of many kinds, including bass and catfish, can be caught.
  • kayaking and boating: Here, as it flows through the river’s canyon lands, the water moves slowly. If necessary, call for current conditions, visitors can kayak along the river’s banks.
  • Larger vessels may traverse the approximately 10-mile downstream distance from the park’s boat launch to Lake Buchanan when it is close to an average level. Low water and debris from seasonal floods are hazards.
  • Take your personal boat or use the lake’s single- or double-sit-on-top kayak rentals.

Leasing Details for kayaks

Prices (with a Texas State Park Pass, 10% off):

Individuals: $10 per hour

                    and $15 per hour for doubles

Note: the return of kayaks by 4:00 p.m.

No kayak rentals are available after 3 pm

  • Enjoy seeing birds and other animals in the park: The Colorado Bend State Park is a fantastic location for seeing animals and taking in Central Texas’s breathtaking scenery.
  •  The River Walk offers the best opportunity to watch birds; bring binoculars.


Thrill seekers and nature lovers will like Texas’ Colorado Bend State Park, which is a stunning place. Visitors have a limited number of culinary alternatives at their disposal:

  • Carry your own supplies and food: This is the simplest course of action. Visitors can use the picnic tables and grills in the park. You may cook dinners for camping vacations or bring a freezer with munchies, snacks, and beverages for day travel.
  • Store on-site: The park features a small store where you can buy necessities like food and drinks.

Timings –  9 am to 5 pm.

 But because there aren’t many options, it’s recommended that you bring your personal.

  • Towns close by There are a couple of small towns close by with grocers and restaurants. Lampasas, which is roughly 30 minutes distant, is the nearest town. There are several dining alternatives available, including Mexican, BBQ, and ready meals.
  •  Catering services: If you’re organizing a mass crowd or event, you may arrange for food services in advance. Several nearby catering businesses provide services.

Here is the list of top-rated eateries near the park – 

#1 of 13 Restaurants in Colorado City

502 E 2nd St

6 miles from Gorman Falls

#2 of 13 Restaurants in Colorado City

237 Concho St

5.6 miles from Gorman Falls

#4 of 13 Restaurants in Colorado City

 203 E 2nd St

5.8 miles from Gorman Falls

#3 of 13 Restaurants in Colorado City

1426 Walnut St In the building that used to be Kelley Elementary School.

6.5 miles from Gorman Falls

#5 of 13 Restaurants in Colorado City

1209 Westpoint Ave

6.4 miles from Gorman Falls


Within and close to the park, there are several hotel possibilities, including

  • Stroll tent sites, drive-up campsites, and RV sites are all available for camping at the park. There are restrooms, water hookups, and electrical hookups available at every campground.
  • Two yurts are obtainable for rental at the park. Mattresses, tables, and seats are included in these spherical buildings, which are composed of canvas and wood. They also have air conditioning and electricity.
  • Two cottages are offered for rent close to the park. 

Amenities –  kitchenette, a restroom, a bedroom, an outside picnic table, and a veranda with a rocking chair.

  1. Primitive Campsites (Drive-up)
  • People per Site: 8
  • Number of Sites: 15


  • Picnic table
  • Water nearby
  • Lantern post
  • Fire ring with grill
  1. Primitive Campsites (Walk-in)
  • People/ Site: 8
  • Total  Sites: 28
  • Yards to Facility: 50


  • Picnic table
  • Fire ring
  • Water nearby
  • Lantern post
  • Restrooms nearby
  1. Group Camp (Grey Fox)
  • People/ Site: 16


  • Maximum of 16 people
  • Large fire ring with grill
  • 3 picnic tables
  • Lantern post

Below is a list of some of the finest restaurants close to the park:

908 Buchanan Dr, Burnet, TX 78611

21.8 miles from Colorado Bend State Park

#1 Best Value of 199 places to stay in Bend

1504 S Key Ave, Lampasas, TX 76550

15.8 miles from Colorado Bend State Park

#2 Best Value of 199 places to stay in Bend

810 S Water St, Highway 281, Burnet, TX 78611-3500

22.7 miles from Colorado Bend State Park

#3 Best Value of 199 places to stay in Bend

1200 Central Texas Expy, Lampasas, TX 76550-3321

16.5 miles from Colorado Bend State Park

#4 Best Value of 199 places to stay in Bend


Between the Texas counties of Lampasas and San Saba, in the United States, sits Colorado Bend State Park, a stunning natural environment with a variety of amenities such as:

  • Visitors can camp at one of the park’s many sites, which include walk-in, drive-in, and rustic campsites. For bigger parties, there are also communal campsites available.
  • Hiking: Colorado Bend State Park has about 35 miles of simple to challenging hiking trails.
  • Fishing is permitted in a number of the park’s bodies of water, including Spicewood Springs and the Colorado River. Bass, carp, and sunfish are just a few of the many fish that visitors may catch.
  • Swimming: The park’s wading hole, which is nourished by Spicewood Springs, is open to visitors. The water is clean and chilly, offering a welcome respite from the Texan heat.
  • Guests can rent kayaks and paddles first from the park to discover the Colorado River..
  • Mountain biking: Colorado Bend State Park has numerous kilometers of basic to challenging mountain bike routes. Riders at all skill levels may enjoy the picturesque vistas of the park’s distinctive geological features on the routes.
  • Picnic spots with tables and grills are available in the park for picnic lunches and dinners
  • The park provides a variety of activities, such as stargazing, hiking, and bird viewing. Visitors can use these programs to learn more about the animals and the distinctive aspects of the park.

Best Time to Visit

  • Have a picnic or a delicious meal whilst taking in the stunning views of the park.
  • Colorado Bend State Park is surrounded by beautiful during March and May or September and November whenever the weather is favorable with fewer tourists
  • You may go hiking, backpacking, fishing, and kayaking throughout these seasons without experiencing the stifling summer heat.
  • Outdoor activities are not possible during the cold winter and the hotter summer months.
JanuaryMild temperatures, fewer crowdsSome trails and campsites may be closed
FebruaryMild temperatures, fewer crowdsSome trails and campsites may be closed
MarchWildflowers in bloom, comfortable temperaturesSpring break crowds, occasional rain
AprilWildflowers in bloom, comfortable temperaturesHigher chance of rain and thunderstorms
MayWildflowers in bloom, comfortable temperatures, good fishingCrowds increase, higher chance of thunderstorms
JuneSwimming in the river, good fishingHot temperatures, thunderstorms, higher chance of flash flooding
JulySwimming in the river, good fishingHot temperatures, thunderstorms, higher chance of flash flooding
AugustSwimming in the river, good fishingHot temperatures, thunderstorms, higher chance of flash flooding
SeptemberMilder temperatures, fewer crowds, good fishingSome trails and campsites may be closed
OctoberMilder temperatures, fall foliage, fewer crowdsSome trails and campsites may be closed
NovemberCooler temperatures, fall foliageSome facilities may be closed, hunting season
DecemberCooler temperatures, fewer crowds, holiday lightsSome facilities may be closed, occasional ice and snow


There are several chances for traveling and outdoor enjoyment in the Park. The following are some of the best sights and activities in the park:

  • Along the River Trail, explore the Colorado River Wilderness

Texas’ Colorado Bend Park has an interesting geology. The Colorado River’s erosion has created bizarre rock formations, deep gorges, and towering limestone travertine cliffs throughout the park.

  • Bend Park Visit

The park is close to the little Texas town of Bend Bend.

Tourists may explore the city center with its historic structures or take advantage of the boating  and fishing opportunities at neighboring Lake Buchanan.

             Before visiting the park, take care to get any supplies at the Bend General shop.

  • Buchanan Lake

Incomparable Lake Buchanan is a natural Texan treasure.

Within an hour of Austin and San Antonio, this lake offers a tranquil retreat with fantastic boating and fishing options. It is situated in the center of the Hill Country.

A Vanishing Texas River trip on Lake Buchanan is a wonderful opportunity to discover the Colorado River’s and the lake’s natural splendor.

  • San Saba’s Regency Suspension Bridge

The oldest suspension bridge that is still in existence in Texas was completed in 1894 and is located near San Saba. The picturesque San Saba River, famed for its limestone bluffs and pure water, is crossed by the bridge.


  • Fee:
    Adult – $5 Per person 13 years and older/Day

Child 12 Years and Under – Free

  • Visit  (
  • Select “Camping & Lodging” 
  • Select “Reserve a Campsite” 
  • On the next page, select “Colorado Bend State Park” from the list of parks.
  • Choose the dates you would like to visit the park and click “Search Availability.”
  • A list of available campsites will appear.  click “Reserve Now.”
  • Enter the required information and proceed
  • Review the park rules and regulations and check the box to agree to them.
  • Enter your payment information and confirm your reservation.

Rules for Pets

  • Yes, pets are allowed in the park but in some restricted areas.

Specific Rule or Restriction

  • To prevent causing harm to the ecosystem, stick to the approved paths and roads.
  • Avoid disturbing or hurting flora or wildlife.
  • To prevent upsetting animals or other visitors, pets must be kept under control and on a lead at all times.
  • Only permitted in restricted locations, fires require constant attention.
  • No natural resources, such as rocks or firewood, may be taken or removed.
  • Camping is only permitted with a permit at selected campsites or backcountry locations.
  • During the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, stay silent.

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