Fall Creek Falls State Park: 11 Facts You Should Know!

With its breathtaking scenery, outdoor leisure opportunities, and magnificent waterfalls, Fall Creek Falls State Park is a well-known tourist attraction in Tennessee.

  • Beautiful scenery: Fall Creek Falls State Park provides access to some of the region’s most breathtaking natural vistas. Miles of hiking paths may be explored by visitors, and they weave through verdant woods, flowing waterfalls, and picturesque vistas.
  • Hunting, swimming, paddling, camping, and rock climbing are just a few of the outdoor recreational activities available in the park. Moreover, beautiful drives, picnics, and animal viewing are available to visitors.
  • Magnificent waterfalls: The waterfalls that stream down the gorges‘ steep walls are the park’s most well-known feature. Among the highest cascades in the eastern United States is Fall Creek Falls, which is 256 feet high.

History and Facts

  • In the twentieth century, the park is established when a regional manufacturer named George H. Morgan, started collecting neighboring acreage. 
  • Since the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)  always worked to improve the park’s infrastructure by constructing hiking routes, hotels, and other facilities.
  • 256-foot Fall Creek Falls is amongst the largest waterfalls in the eastern United States from where the park’s name is derived. 
  • Cane Creek Falls and Piney Falls are listed under the park’s most famous waterfalls


Fall Creek Falls State Park -Maps

  • Cretaceous limestone layers from 100 million years ago is the main geographical feature of the park.
  • Edwards Plateau which has steep canyons and rolling hills is where the park is situated on
  • The park’s limestone structures, such as the Eagle’s Nest and Gorman Falls, are well-known tourist sites due to their amazing geology.
  • The park also has the beautiful “Caverns of Sonora,” formed by groundwater-dissolving limestone.

Weather Conditions

  • Fall Creek Falls State Park has an average high temp. – Mid-70 Fahrenheit.

 And average Low temp. – Mid-50 Fahrenheit.

Wind Range (mph): 

Rainfall Range (in):

Snow Days: 

Flora & Fauna

Here are some plants and animals that can be found in Fall Creek Falls State Park


  1. Eastern Hemlock
  2. Red Maple
  3. Yellow Poplar
  4. American Beech
  5. Wildflowers such as Trilliums, Bloodroot, and Bluebells


  1. White-tailed Deer
  2. Eastern Gray Squirrel
  3. Raccoon
  4. Black Bear
  5. Wild Turkey
  6. Bald Eagle
  7. Copperhead Snake
  8. Timber Rattlesnake
  9. Red-tailed Hawk
  10. Great Blue Heron.


Beautiful Colorado Bend State Park in Texas has a variety of activities for guests to enjoy. Some of the great things to do in Colorado Bend State Park are listed below

  • Hiking: Almost 46 miles of trekking trails can be found in the park, with the waterfall routes being the most well-liked. The state park’s most well-known cascade and its namesake is Fall Creek Falls. The tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi is this magnificent two-fall water feature.
  • Cane Creek Falls, Cane Creek Cascades, and Piney Falls are additional waterfalls to Fall Creek Falls.
Upper Loop (Cane Creek Overnight Trail)14.0 Miles — Natural SurfaceModerate
Lower Loop (Cane Creek Overnight Trail) 13.2 Miles — Natural SurfaceDifficult
Gorge Overlook Trail1.2 — Natural SurfaceModerate
Woodland Trail 0.9 Miles — Natural Surface Moderate
Turkey Pen Ridge0.5 Miles — Natural Surface Easy
Base of Fall Creek Falls Trail0.4 Miles — Natural Surface Difficult
Gilbert Gaul Trail 4.3 Miles — Natural SurfaceModerate
  • Swimming: There is a recognized wading place called Gorge Hole between the park’s entrance and the campers. It has a lawn beach area where visitors can enter the sea via concrete stairs. When you travel out further, the water grows deeper, starting at a depth of around three feet.
  • Severe water temperatures, powerful current flow, and unattended seas provide the most dangerous threats. If bathing in any of the unsupervised natural places, proceed with great caution.
  • A sizable pool is another feature of the park that is available throughout the year. The Falls Creek Falls pool features a sizable main pool, a kiddie pool that is shallow, a bathroom, a snack bar, lounge chairs, and a beautiful view of the lake.
  • In addition, a lot of guests go swimming in the rivers and streams that flow throughout the wilderness as well as in the tide pools at the foot of the cascades. Although drowning can occur anywhere, the likelihood is higher in certain places for several reasons.
  • Exhibitions and Festivals: There are countless celebrations and activities held in Fall Creek Falls State Park. Regular educational activities include starlight parties, foraging lessons, guided hikes, and wool spinning sessions.
  • A huge variety of yearly special events are also held, including 5K races, the Halloween Spooktacular, a July 4th Celebration, a Christmas festival, and more.
  • Visit Spicewood Springs and go swimming: One of Colorado Bend State Park’s most beautiful hikes in Spicewood Springs Trail. 
  •  It is 3 miles long and has a moderate rating.
  •  One of the greatest swimming spots in Hill Country is Spicewood Springs. You may access the first of many spring-fed swimming holes via a short, level route. There are additional pools and waterfalls up the Spicewood Springs route, so keep going.
  • The river is safe for swimming.
  • Fishing: Make an effort in one of the many rivers found across the park or lease a kayak and go fishing on the reservoir. Within the park, all TN fishing license restrictions apply. 
  • The following are a few of the local fish that are highly in demand:

              bluegill \strout \scatfish \sbass \ and scrapie

  • Obstacle Courses: Two separate ropes courses are available at the park. Both the Junior Canopy Challenge and the Canopy Challenge course are available for adults.
  • For Adults – Around 70 aerial obstacles are included on the auto Canopy Challenge course, which can be finished in about 2.5 hours and features zip-lining, tree climbing, footbridge crossings, and more. In the event of a crisis, staff members are always close by to oversee from the ground.
  • For Kids – The Junior Canopy Challenge course is appropriate for children ages 4 to 8. There are several challenges there that call for scaling, swinging, spinning, jumping, crawling, and much more!
  • Golf Playing: 
  • An exquisitely picturesque 18-hole golf game that covers over 20,000 acres is found in Fall Creek Falls State Park. There are golf carts, dining options, and housing on-site.


Tennessee’s Fall Creek Falls State Park is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and plenty of recreational activities. Travelers to the park have a few alternatives when it involves eating:

  • The on-site Fall Creek Falls Hotel Dining Room serves a range of meals for breakfast, luncheon, and supper. There is food here for everyone, from traditional Southern fare to modern cuisines.
  • There is a small supermarket in the park that sells cereal, cheese, and munchies. It also offers sandwiches and pre-made salads for an easy dinner.
  • Grills at the campground: There are picnic sites inside the park that offers grill =s, allowing visitors to make their food. 
  • Nearby eateries: 
  1. The Restaurant At Fall Creek Falls

#2 of 3 Restaurants in Spencer

2536 Lakeside Dr

0.8 miles from Fall Creek Falls

  1. Old Times Cafe

#1 of 3 Restaurants in Spencer

467 College St

9.2 miles from Fall Creek Falls

  1. Subway

#5 of 11 Restaurants in Pikeville

564 US Highway 127 Byp

9.4 miles from Fall Creek Falls

  1. Scotties

#4 of 11 Restaurants in Pikeville

3211 Main St

9.7 miles from Fall Creek Falls

  1. Pizza King

#7 of 11 Restaurants in Pikeville

3729 Main St

9.7 miles from Fall Creek Falls


Visitors can pick from several hotel options at Tennessee’s Fall Creek Falls State Park. Among the most common choices are:

  • Cottages are available for rent throughout the park. 

Capacity – up to 10 people

Size – 1 to 5 bedrooms. 

  • Campgrounds: 200 campsites available inside the park 
  • Capacity – 4 Campgrounds. 
  • Amenities – fire pits, picnic areas, and water and electricity hookups.

Based on closeness and ratings, listed are some of the accommodation options:

  1. Best Western Dayton

7835 Rhea County Hwy, Dayton, TN 37321

22.0 miles from Fall Creek Falls

#1 Best Value of 401 places to stay in Spencer

  1. Best Western Tree City Inn

809 Sparta St, McMinnville, TN 37110

23.1 miles from Fall Creek Falls

#2 Best Value of 401 places to stay in Spencer

  1. Hampton Inn McMinnville

1560 Sparta Street, McMinnville, TN 37110

22.0 miles from Fall Creek Falls

#3 Best Value of 401 places to stay in Spencer


Between the Texas counties of Lampasas and San Saba, in the United States, sits Colorado Bend State Park, a stunning natural environment. For tourists, the park provides a variety of amenities and activities, such as:

  • Visitors can camp at one of the park’s many sites, which include walk-in, drive-in, and rustic campsites. For bigger parties, there are also communal campsites available.
  • Hiking: Colorado Bend State Park has about 35 miles of simple to challenging hiking trails. Visitors may enjoy picturesque views of the park’s distinctive geological features, such as waterfalls and canyons, from the trails.
  • Fishing: Spicewood Springs and the Colorado River allow fishing. Sunfish, crap, and many other fishes can be captured in the park.
  • Swimming: Spicewood Springs which supports the park’s swimming pool has clean and clear water available to visitors for swimming The water is clean and chilly, offering a welcome respite from the Texan heat.
  • Guests can rent kayaks and paddles first from the park to discover the Colorado River..
  • Mountain biking: Colorado Bend State Park has numerous kilometers of basic to challenging mountain bike routes. Riders at all skill levels may enjoy the picturesque vistas of the park’s distinctive geological features on the routes.
  • Park offers various picnic spots with benches, grills, and tables.

Best Time to Visit

  • Summer Season – Crowdy and more popular.
  • Cold Months ( autumn and spring.) – Less crowd
JanuaryFewer crowdsCold temperatures and the possibility of snow/ice
FebruaryFewer crowdsCold temperatures and the possibility of snow/ice
MarchMild temperatures; waterfalls at peak flowSpring break crowds
AprilWildflowers in bloom; milder temperaturesCrowds; potential for rain
MayWildflowers still blooming; warmer weatherCrowds
JuneWarm temperatures; swimming season beginsCrowds; potential for thunderstorms
JulyWarm temperatures; swimming season in full swingCrowds; potential for thunderstorms
AugustWarm temperatures; swimming season continuesCrowds; potential for thunderstorms
SeptemberCooler temperatures; fall foliage startsCrowds; some facilities begin to close for the season
OctoberBeautiful fall foliage; fewer crowdsCooler temperatures; some facilities may close
NovemberFewer crowds; fall foliage still presentColder temperatures; the possibility of snow/ice
DecemberFewer crowds; holiday eventsCold temperatures; the possibility of snow/ice


There are several chances for traveling and outdoor enjoyment in the Park. Some of these are listed here:

  • Nature Center Betty Dunn

At the nature center, you may discover the park’s history, geography, ecosystem, flora, and animals. It is named after a former Tennessee governor. Purchase a keepsake to benefit the Friends of Fall Creek Falls. Ranger programs can be booked here.

  • Lake Fall Creek Falls
  • This picturesque 350-acre lake is enclosed by hills and has many entry locations. Kayaks, boogie boards, paddle yachts, jon boats, and lagoon boats may be rented at the boat dock.
  • Lakeside cottage rentals are offered for individuals who want to wake up to a beautiful view. The park is also constructing a resort and full-service restaurant with a view of the water. That will be breathtaking!
  • The Apple Home of Oren Wooden

Wooden’s Apple Home is about 25 miles from the park’s northern gate. But, the journey is worth it. From August through November, they are accessible. A quick trip to Wooden’s in the fall is enjoyable.

  • Trails
  • The Paw Paw Trail, Wheeler Farm Loop, Gilbert Gaul Trail, and Millikan’s Overlook are the greatest spots to see birds.
  • Watch for forest songbirds, owls, warblers, and whip-poor-wills on Paw Paw. Watch for warblers, flycatchers, and vireos on Wheeler. Over Millikan’s, hawks and turkey vultures fly. Gilbert Gaul walks along the beach of Fall Creek Lake. Keep an eye out for sparrows, geese, herons, and wackos.


  • Fee:
    Adult – $25/Car – one day

                         $60/Car- Yearly pass

To reserve a spot at Fall Creek Falls State Park and verify the admission costs, follow these steps:

  • Visit Tennessee State Parks’ official website at https://tnstateparks.com/.
  • Scroll over “Find a Park” in the top menu bar and select “Fall Creek Falls State Park.”
  • Select the “Reservations” tab on the Fall Creek Falls State Park page.
  • Choose the kind of accommodation you want to book (cabin, campground, RV site, etc.) and press “Search.”
  • To view what’s really available for your days, click “Check Availability.”
  • After you’ve selected a suitable accommodation, click “Book Now” and continue the on-screen instructions to finish your reservation.
  • You may also buy your admission ticket directly during the booking process, or spend when you reach the park.
  • Visitors will get an email confirmation with all of the information about their booking after you have finished their reservation and settled for your access pass.

Rules for Pets

  • Pets are permitted in approved pet-friendly lodgings, including certain cabins and campsites, according to Tennessee State Parks’ official web page. Pets are not permitted in any of the park’s dwellings, including in bedrooms, cabins, and campgrounds unless specifically marked as pet-friendly.

Specific Rule or Restriction

  • Typically, park services are from sunrise to dusk. Guests are expected to depart the park before it closes.
  • All park restrictions, including posted signs, must be observed and followed.
  • Camping is permitted only in authorized places and with a current camping permit.
  • Visitors are accountable for carefully extinguishing their flames, and fires are only permitted in specific places.
  • The use of fireworks or other improvised explosives is absolutely forbidden.
  • Hunting is permitted only during certain months and with a current hunting license.
  • Fishing is only permitted in defined places and with a validated fishing license.
  • Visitors must adhere to established paths and roads and refrain from disturbing or removing any natural characteristics or wildlife.
  • Bicycles are only permitted on approved routes and roads.
  • Littering is not permitted. All rubbish must be properly disposed of in designated bins by visitors.
  • Tourists must honor other visitors’ and surrounding homeowners’ privacy and belongings.
  • Swimming is permitted only in authorized places and is done at the tourist’s own risk.
  • All visitors must take out what they bring in and return it to the park in the identical state in which they discovered it.

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