Mohican Falls State Park: 15 Facts You Should Know!

Mohican State Park is a popular location to enjoy scenic views, historical parameters and outdoor activities. 

  • This state park is quite famous for its nature’s scenic beauty over 1,100 acres of lush woodland, blooming flowers, and steep mountains
  • Along with scenic beauty park also offers a variety of outdoor activities like trekking, fishing, canoeing, and camping, with horse riding.
  • Park has  50 animal species along with  200 bird species making it rich in its biodiversity. 
  • Mohican-Memorial State Forest, is Ohio’s oldest state forest, around which the park is situated that provides visitors an experience close to nature and its beauty.
  • There are various events and festivals organized by the park which includes Mohican Winterfest, the Mohican Trail Race, and the Mohican Wildlife Weekend.

History and Facts

  • Mohican State Park came into existence in 1949 in north-central Ohio. The park is about 1,100 acres in size and is titled just after the Native American Mohican tribal group that previously lived in the area.
  • The Clear Fork Gorge, a 300-foot-deep valley created by the Clear Fork River, is located in the park. The gorge provides tourists with breathtaking views of rocky outcrops, waterfalls, and animals, and they may explore the region on hiking routes and from observation platforms.
  • Mohican State Park has a rich history, including the Mohican State Park Lodge and Wolf Creek Grist Mill, all of which are great places to learn about the area’s past.


  • Address: 3116 State Route 3, Loudonville, OH 
  • Country: Ashland, Ohio
  • Zip code:  44842

Mohican state park

  • Mohican State Park is in north-central Ohio and is a portion of the Appalachian Plateau, which features rugged hills and valleys along with a diversity of sedimentary basins.
  • During the final ice age, icecaps covered the region where the park is now located. As a consequence, the terrain is littered with kettle lakes produced by ice blocks left behind because of retreating glaciers.
  • Mohican State Park’s underlying bedrock is mostly limestone and shale, which have been formed during the Paleozoic Period. These rocks include marine life remains from the prehistoric seas which covered the region 400 million years ago.
  • The park is especially recognized for its beautiful granite cliffs and rock formations formed by weathering over a billion years. These structures may be seen in places like Lyons Falls and Great Lyons Falls, which are renowned hiking and wildlife sites.

Weather Conditions

  • The climate of Harriman State Park is humid continental, with four unique seasons. Summertime is often humid and hot, while wintertime is frigid with precipitation on occasion.
  • The park sits on a hill and is recognized for its diverse terrain, which can cause large temperature differences inside the park. Higher heights are often colder than lower levels.
  • Throughout the summer, tornadoes are prevalent, and tourists must be prepared for rapid changes in weather, such as torrential rain, lightning, and high winds. Before going to the park, always examine the weather prediction and pack proper attire and supplies for the circumstances.

Wind speed Range (mph): 

Rainfall Range (in):

Snowfall Days:

Flora & Fauna

Mohican State Park in Ohio is noted for its stunning natural settings, which include the Clear Fork Gorge, the Mohican River, and a variety of plant and animal species.


  • American beech
  • Red oak
  • White oak
  • Sugar maple
  • Black cherry
  • Eastern hemlock
  • Red maple
  • Wildflowers (e.g., trillium, bloodroot, and mayapple)


  • White-tailed deer
  • Raccoons
  • Gray squirrels
  • Eastern chipmunks
  • Red-tailed hawks
  • Great horned owls
  • Woodpeckers (e.g., pileated, red-bellied, and downy)


Huge activities such as Camping, hiking, bicycling, swimming, fishing, and picnicking. 

  • Hiking: The hiking trails of Mohican State Park have a variety of levels ranging from easy to difficult. Visitors will experience lovely woodlands, streams, and stunning overlooks while hiking.
Gorge Overlook Trail 2 miles moderate to difficult
Gristmill Overlook Loop Trail0.7 mileModerate
Hemlock Gorge Trail 2 miles  Difficult 
Hog Hollow Trail 2.5 milesModerate/Challenging
Lyons Fall Trail 2 miles moderate to difficult
moderate to difficult
Pleasant Hill Trail 3/4 mile easy
  • Kayaking in the Mohicans: Kayaking in Mohican State Park is yet another excellent means of discovering the waterway! Kayaking at Mohican State Park is perfect for trained and free riders..
  • Tubing in Mohican State Park: Shoreline tubing in Mohican State Park is a pleasant and enjoyable means of enjoying an afternoon at the park! Drifting downstream, instead of paddling, takes more time but involves far less work.

Note: Tubing available only in warmer months.

  • Rafting on the Mohican River:

Rafting in Mohican State Park is among the most exciting activities that exist in Mohican for children. 

  • Enjoy the scenery from the Mohican State Park Gorge Overlook:

The Gorge Overlook is natural Mohican State Park’s top attractions. Visitors get an unrestricted view over the meadow along with the 300 feet of Straight Fork Gorge both from observation platforms.

  • Country Market: The Mohican County Market is an antiquated grocer that sells quality bulk groceries and locally created goods.
  • While browsing the items is enjoyable, usually, it is preferred to pack great to-go deli lunches from the marketplace for our walks. Also don’t forget to pick up some Amish baked goods, such as the massive apple fritters or Ho Ho Cake!
  • Biking: Cyclists can get around the playground on two wheels! The biking paths at Mohican State Park are among the best in the state. 
  • The Mohican State Park MTB path is, in reality, Ohio’s oldest singletrack, spanning more than 25 thrilling miles.
  • Bikers looking for a more relaxed ride might head to one of the bicycling paths around Mohican State Park, such as the Loudonville Pathway.
  • Fishing: Another enjoyable Mohican State Park area feature is fishing. Fishers have varied opportunities for angling.
  • Hunting is permitted in the adjacent state forest, not in Mohican Ohio State Park. For guidelines and statistics, consult the Ohio Department of Natural Resources guidance to the Mohican Memorial Wilderness Area.
  • Zipline through the Mohican Tree Canopy: Among the many exciting activities around Mohican State Park is ziplining.
  •  Mohican Adventures offers entertaining zipline experiences through Mohican State Park for adventurous travelers. There’s also rock scrambling, rappelling, a tarantula net, and sky bridge connections.
  • The zip line experience at Mohican State Park is suitable for families and parties.
  • Riding at Mohican State Park on Horses: Horseback riding experiences are available at Equestrian Valley Farm, a 200-acre property north of the park.
  • Visitors may ride horses through the forests and through undulating hills on an hour-long excursion at Equestrian Valley Farm.
  • Horseback racing is also permitted on the authorized bridle routes in Mohican State Park.
  • Take part in Mohican State Park festivities: Programs and activities are available throughout the year and constitute one of the best things to do in Mohican State Park. Visitors can engage in guided treks and demonstrations, as well as unique holiday events.
  • Camping: The park includes many campsites that accommodate both tent and RV camping.
  1. Mohican Campground–  Charges- $27 (starting)
  2. Mohican Campground 2-  Charges- $25 (starting)
  3. Mohican Cabins- Charges- $170 (starting)
  4. Mohican Group Camps & Shelters- Charges- $45 (starting)


Park is a lovely park in Ohio, with a number of eating and dining choices both within and surrounding the park.

  • The Mohican Lodge and Conference Center, located within the park, provides brunch, lunch, and supper. The Lodge contains a main room as well as a lounge area, and the cuisine includes salads, sandwiches, and dinners.
  • There are additional picnic sites scattered around the park where guests may pack their homemade food and dine in the midst of nature.
  • There are various eateries in the adjacent town of Loudonville if you want to eat away from the park. Fast food restaurants, casual eating alternatives, and even a few gourmet dining facilities are among them.
  1. Trail’s End Pizza Co.

#4 of 12 Restaurants in Loudonville

3052 State Route 3

1 miles from Mohican State Park

  1. Mohican Country Market

#3 of 12 Restaurants in Loudonville

1014 S Market St

1.2 miles from Mohican State Pa

  1. The Black Fork Bistro

#2 of 12 Restaurants in Loudonville

153 W Main St

2.5 miles from Mohican State Park

  1. The Copper Mug Bar & Grille

#1 of 12 Restaurants in Loudonville

561 Township Road 3352 Landoll’s Mohican Castle

2.8 miles from Mohican State Park

  1. Pizza Hut

#10 of 12 Restaurants in Loudonville

800 S Market St

1.5 miles from Mohican State Park


For guests wishing to camp overnight, the park has a variety of housing alternatives to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. The following are some of the hotel possibilities at Harriman State Park:

  • Mohican Lodge and Conference Center: It’s the only place to stay inside the park’s limits.
  •  It has cozy accommodations, apartments, and cottages with views of the forest and the Clearfork Gorge. There is also a restaurant on-site, as well as both indoor and outside pools and a variety of leisure activities.
  • Cabins: The park has 25 completely furnished cabins, including 10 premium cottages with hot tubs. These cabins provide a rustic atmosphere while also providing contemporary conveniences such as air-con, full kitchens, and stoves.
  • Camping: There are two campgrounds in the park: the Class A campsite and the basic campground. 
  1. Class A- The Class A campground has 100 campsites with electricity and water.
  2. Group Lodging: Many group housing choices are available in the park, along with the Mohican State Park Lodge and Conference Center and various group cabins that can sleep up to 16 people. With no connections, the native campsite provides a more private experience.
  • Mohican State Park in Ohio provides tourists with a range of hotel alternatives. Here are some of the possibilities:
  1. Hampton Inn & Suites Mansfield-South @ I-71

2220 S Main St, Mansfield, OH 44907-2837

14.6 miles from Mohican State Park

#1 Best Value of 476 places to stay in Loudonville

2. La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Mansfield OH

120 Stander Ave, Mansfield, OH 44903-9405

14.3 miles from Mohican State Park

#2 Best Value of 476 places to stay in Loudonville

3.  Landoll’s Mohican Castle

561 Township Road 3352, Loudonville, OH 44842-9541

2.9 miles from Mohican State Park

#3 Best Value of 476 places to stay in Loudonville


Mohican State Park has a variety of facilities to increase visitors’ enjoyment, including:

  • Camping: There are approximately 100 tent and RV campsites available in the park.

Amenities –  Electrical hookups, restrooms, picnic benches, and fire rings.

  • Mountain biking:  Park has around 24 miles of biking paths which gives a breathtaking experience to bikers.
  • Cabins: provides a more comfortable and pleasant accommodation experience. 

Size: 6 people

Amenities –  air conditioning and furnaces, cooking facilities, and outside barbecues.

  • Hiking paths: Park have13 miles of trails.
  • Horseback riding:  Park has 32 miles of path to enjoy via horseback.
  • Canoeing and kayaking: Visiors needs to rent boats to enjoy boating and kayaking.
  • Fishing: a variety of fishes like crap, and bluegill are available to enjoy fishing inside the park.
  • Swimming: The park has beaches that contain grills, tables, and desks making it fit for family trips.
  • Picnicking: 
  • Nature center: It helps to educate visitors about the park’s history, culture, and nature.

Best Time to Visit

  • Mohican’s natural beauty is seen all year. But, when visitors decide to come will be determined by their intended activities.
  • Summertime in Mohican State Park provides the ideal climate for outdoor activities. Furthermore, several attractions are only available during the summer months.
  • Fall is good for hiking in Mohican State Park because the temperature is cooler and the foliage is changing, and some other activities are still available. During the winter, guests can cozy up in a cabin and enjoy the snow-covered park. Visitors may see the magnificent wildflower blooming in the spring.
JanuarySnowshoeing, Cross-Country SkiingCold and  Short days
FebruarySnowshoeing, Cross-Country SkiingCold and  Short days
MarchMilder temperatures, Fewer crowdsMud from melting snow
AprilWildflowers, Warmer temperaturesMuddy trails, Spring showers
MayWildflowers, Warmer temperaturesCrowds, Spring showers
JuneHiking, Camping, FishingCrowds, Hot temperatures
JulyHiking, Camping, FishingCrowds, Hot temperatures
AugustHiking, Camping, FishingCrowds, Hot temperatures
SeptemberFall foliage, Milder temperaturesCrowds, Possible rain
OctoberFall foliage, Milder temperaturesCrowds, Possible rain
NovemberFewer crowds, Fall colorsColder temperatures, Shorter days
DecemberSnowshoeing, Cross-Country SkiingCold, Short days


There are several chances for traveling and outdoor enjoyment in the Park. Some of these are listed here:

  • Traverse the Mohican Covered Bridge:
  • Establishment:  1968 with wood timber (along with steel and concrete).
  •  Visitors can travel across or stroll along either of the bridge’s sides.
  • Follow any of the routes over to the riverbed in Mohican State Park to obtain a better understanding of the covered bridge. 
  • View from the Pleasant Hill Dam:
  • Establishment:  1936 for flood prevention, leisure, and wildlife conservation. 
  • The earth dam, which itself is made of natural materials rather than concrete, stands 113 feet tall and spans 775 feet. The Morning Glory Spillway, a specially built overflowing flood structure, is close to the reservoir but has never been utilized.
  • Ascend the Mohican Fire Tower: The Mohican State Park Fire Tower is a prominent feature of the park. 

Length: The 80-foot-tall

Establishment: 1934, and

 View:  ten kilometers in all directions.

  • Visit the Memorial Shrine to pay your respects: The stone structure, which was built in 1947, has stained-glass windows. Within, visitors will see two volumes with the handwritten names of the more than 20,000 Ohio military men and women who died protecting our nation.
  • One of the interesting things to do at Mohican is to visit the Memorial Shrine, which serves as a memorial to Ohio veterans who died in wartime battles.
  • Visit Malabar Farm State Park for the Day: Malabar Farm State Park, located northwest of Mohican, is a National Record of Historic Places-listed historic working farm.
  • Visitors may explore the farmhouse, walk the paths, drive to the summit of Mount Jeez, encounter the farm animals, go there on tractor excursions, and purchase farm goods at Malabar Farm.
  • Learn about the Village of Loudonville: Great thing to do around Mohican is to visit the Hamlet of Loudonville. 
  • Historic brick buildings surround Main Street, which has boutique stores and locally owned eateries.
  • Discover Ohio’s Amish Land: Go east of Mohican into the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country on a lovely journey through the countryside. 
  • Tour Heini’s Cheese Chalet for a cheese tour, the Farm at Walnut Creek for a behind-the-scenes look at a functioning Amish farm, or the Victorian House Museum for information about Ohio’s biggest Amish colony.


  • Fee– $28 to $36/ night
  • Park Hours: 

April to October,  6:00 am to 10:00 pm, 

November to March, 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Below listed are the steps to reserve booking at the park; 

Rules for Pets

  • Pets are permitted in approved in some specific areas of the park.

Specific Rule or Restriction

  • Respect posted park rules and regulations: Every state park has a collection of regulations and rules that are displayed throughout the park. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, thus they must be read and followed.
  • Respect creatures and their habitats: A variety of wildlife species may be found in state parks. Visitors should remain at a safe distance and avoid disturbing or damaging wildlife or their habitats.
  • Keep the park clean by disposing of rubbish in designated bins and keeping the park tidy. Littering is not permitted.
  • Hunting and trapping are not permitted in state parks unless they are part of a regulated hunt or approved study.
  • There will be no off-road vehicles: Except on approved paths or locations, off-road automobiles are not permitted in state parks.
  • Camping and fires: Guests must get a camping permit and observe all campfire and grilling laws. During dry or high fire danger seasons, open fires may be prohibited.
  • Fishing and boating: To fish or boat in state park waters, visitors must get the appropriate licenses and observe the restrictions.
  • Hiking and bike routes are established in state parks for the protection of visitors and the protection of fragile areas. Visitors should stick to the approved trails and avoid forging new ones.
  • Utilize designated recreational areas: Tourists should use approved recreational sites for activities such as picnics, swimming, and playing games.

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